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Late Latif Comedy RN Tagore Auditorium, Kolkata

Padatik Buildwel Theatre, Kolkata

Rasa – The Political Body Experimental, Post-Modern Padatik Buildwel Theatre, Kolkata,
Lal Bhoot Street Play Nandan, Birla Academy of Fine Arts, Kolkata
Ha Radhe, Let Me Be As She Was Intimate Theatre/Post-Modern Intimate Theatre Sisir Manch, Birla Academy of Fine Arts, Kolkata
Nachet Khama Korben, (Forgive Me Please) Monologue Oxford Book Store and Padatik Buildwel Theatre, Kolkata,
Rudali Proscenium Academy of Fine Arts, Kolkata
Beyond Freud Intimate Theatre


Padatik Buildwel Theatre, Kolkata.


Grope and Grab Proscenium Kalamandir, Kolkata
Lady Chatterley’s Lovers -Undone Proscenium G D Birla Sabhaghar, Kolkata

Lady Chatterley’s Lover Undone

Author: D. H. Lawrance
Director: Rijita Chatterjee
Synopsis : A play on the journey of womanhood. By the sole warrior the woman herself Lady Chatterley. She quite famously puts forward the greatest ideals of liberty and its infamous attributes. The play is on her journey from soul to skin, and in this journey she re-discovers the hidden meanings and connotations of womanhood and Women, widely now being known as the ‘second sex‘ a term propounded by Simon De Beauvoir. The play shall engender the all pervasive norms of gender and its fake presence of equality in a society where the protagonist of norms is the maker of manhood. The play subtly scoffs at misogyny and its contemporary issues. As our previous play grope and grab received appreciation far and wide. This play is another attempt at establishing peace within ourselves (Society).
Venue: Birla Sabhaghar – August 3rd 2013.


Rijita Chattered – Lady Chatterley
Saurav Das – Satyakam
Janardan Ghosh – Sanjoy
Pratigya Ghosh – Maid
Maruf Ali sheikh – Servant


Guitar- Diptarko Chowdhury


Bennuri Sai Kiran – Light design
Angshuman Bose – Props-in-charge & sound operator

Script and Direction by Rijita Chatterjee

Set Design by Saurav Das & Angshuman Bose