“Ek aur waqt aa chuka hain, ek yudh prarambh ho chuka hain… Nasbandi.” – Review.

Rijita Chatterjee and her much acclaimed theatre group “Part Time Lovers” successfully staged the 9th edition of Nasbandi on the 17th of September 2017 at the Academy of Fine Arts.  The play was a theatrical tribute to the present disturbing situation of the nation.

The very fact that nothing can be apolitical and everything is politically correct was very beautifully exhibited by the pen of Rijita Chatterjee who also sashayed the prime character of Connie in the play. Rijita’s power packed performance and her melodious songs left the audience glued to their seats till the very end with their eyes fixed to the stage throughout.

Evolving and developing from one emotion to another, from one political campaign to another, from one voice to another, Nasbandi focussed on those frail voices and lives who don’t seem to gain much out of mere campaigns, agendas and political festivities.

Rijita Chatterjee was phenomenal as always and the play was able to generate a mixed bag of emotions which left the audience give a standing ovation to the genius on stage.

The next show is scheduled in November and the team of “Part Time Lovers” under the able guidance of Rijita Chatterjee and they are ready to rock the city one more time. Be there…




Intensive workshop on “Learning how to learn” – a course module for all age groups to prepare theatre walas & students for their own theatre production to be mentored and sponsored by part time lovers and a final presentation will be exhibited at Oxford Bookstore & or American Library Auditorium.

The venue for the training will be Apeejay School, 115, Park Street , Kolkata-700016 from 26th of May 2014 to 1st June 2014.

In case of any queries please contact:
Rijita Chatterjee – +91 97480 59809
e-mail: parttimeloversinfo@gmail.com

The remuneration for the workshop is Rs.700 ( group discounts will be offered for batch of minimum 5 students from the same School).

We look forward to your support in aiding the students of Kolkata to spend a creative and enthused summer break instead of becoming couch potatoes.lets break the monotony!



Insanity and technique going hand in hand has time and again led to the gradual unfurling of unsurpassed creations. Be it theatre, plays, poetry writing, fiction, and every form of expression that needs the crystallisation of thoughts.
In an age where every form of expression is a genre in itself it is imperative to go beyond the given rules of textured and synthetic learning. It is important to know how to do so. The module is a shorter course for students and enthusiasts to create and to immerse themselves in the creed of innovation for 3 days to exhibit their endeavours on the 4th day. Part time lovers the theatre company has devised the module of learning how to learn. On the 4th day of learning how to learn they shall portray their skills acquired and given at a gallery for the audience to see/ appreciate and analyse. There after the performances shall be polished further for them to finally portray/perform their pieces with a greater performative morale.
The performative indexes they learn in the process are indicative of the various genres of theatre. .culture.. poetry. .scripting etc. All of these shall aid their analytical perspectives of literature and its forms only to be put to better use in academics and beyond. The module includes voice and movement and expression for students having a vision of and for theatre.
Note: Learning how to learn. – Learning how to learn.

Course modules

1) Readings of cultures.
Its predominance and pervasive anonymity. The cultural indexes of literature and its sociological connotations. The above shall be simplified through theory and practice.(for the stage and beyond) The process shall underline the topics of art and theatre and literature of various epochs and nations and its inevitable amalgamation making performances more universal than parochial. You would need this approach to teach yourself aporoaches by which you will absorb techniques in literature. Writing. Scripting. And performing. Or just to learn from ur text books.

2) Theory and practice
U learn the various theories of various thoughts predominant in theatre. The techniques and processes of performances. U read about various theories and follow any one for your performance in each class. This will make it easier for you to acknkwledge theory and its indispensability when it comes to art and culture

3) Yoga

4) Mime

5) Contemporary Dance
All of the above shall help you to use your body as a tool to escalate expression on stage. Shall also help you to concentrate or focus on one part of the performance abilities.

6) Voice and Movement
Apart from being robust on stage tgese two are also elemental un your over all persona and how you embellish it for the embellished world. Music will be an important part of this module. An actor’s voice is his only tool..his only means to reach out to the given audience and the ‘dramatic’ world. Musicals will be the main topic being covered throughout the module. The techniques. The theories. The practical application. The philosophies behind musicals. The genres of musical. Expression through sounds, voices and instruments. The essential need to distort a text for it to be a musical. The techniques to be able to do it.

7) Your Own World of Culture
A stage where u proclaim complete ability and independence to create your own world ifiterature. Drama. Performance. Script. Or your new techniques for your own creations. This module will sharpen your ability to move forward from texts and create your own text to embody the indexes of culture and art.

8) Exhibit Your Creations.

9) Special classes on lights make up. Costume and sets.

10) Techniques to execute what you want to express

11) Critical appreciation of plays.

12) Texts- Literature.

We sponsor you. You get your own space to exhibit all that u have created so far.

Lady Chatterley’s Lover Undone


Lady Chatterley’s lover undone is the name of the play being staged on 15th of February at Gyan Manch. It is a musical, which engenders expression through drama and the music dates back to ancient as well as the modern. It is an adaptation from the novel “Lady Chatterley’s lover” by D.H.Lawrence. A play on the journey of womanhood, by the sole warrior the woman herself Lady Chatterley. She quite famously puts forward the greatest ideals of liberty and its infamous attributes. The play is on her journey from soul to skin, and in this journey she re-discovers the hidden meanings and connotations of womanhood and women, widely now being known as the ‘second sex’. A term propounded by Simon De Beauvoir. The play shall engender all the pervasive norms of gender and its fake presence of equality in a society where the protagonist of norms is the maker of manhood. The play subtly scoffs at misogyny and its contemporary issues. Our previous play Grope & Grab received appreciation far and wide. This play is another attempt at establishing peace within ourselves (Society).It is an endeavour to be able to make the novel more indigenous for the audience to be able to view a deconstructed version of ‘lady Chatterley’s journey’. It has been interesting to be dealing with the various symbols of society emblematic of the vastness of ‘truth’, especially with the characters in the play and beyond not knowing the accurate definition of truth itself. The play shall border on what D.H Lawrence had to say about public living and its life long struggle with the dynamics of morality. – ‘a savage enough pilgrimage’

Presented by : Part Time Lovers

Directed by : Rijita Chatterjee

Featuring : Rijita Chattejee (Connie), Saurav Das (Mellors), Sayantan Bannerjee (Sanjoy), Sanghashri Sinha (Shyama), Maruf Ali Sheikh (The Mirror)

Music : Aaron, Ravi & Isuru.

Tickets : Rs: 100 & 200

Date & time : 15th February at 6:30pm

Staged at: : Gyan Manch – 11, Pretoria street, Middleton Row, Kolkata – 71

Language: : Biliangual

Duration : 75 Minutes



Nasbandi a lurid political thriller a subtle parallel script to the main plot comprising of protagonists from our daily lives. An eccentric nation. Broken dreams of the nation builder. Anybody and everybody being known as common men. The primacy of literature relegated to mere marginalit . A plethora of unapologetic erotica. The audience being the pivotal plot of the play all the above points come into existence augmented more that it usually is in a text. The stage culminates into a mere story telling canvas. Murder power and lust being the driving force of beautification. This is a sequel to Lady Chatterley’s Lover Undone our last production.

Presented by : Part Time Lovers

Script : Rijita Chatterjee

Directed by : Saurav Das

Featuring : Rijita Chattejee (Connie), Saurav Das (Sanjoy & Mellors) and others.

Tickets : Rs: 100 & 200

Date & time : 16th February at 6:30pm.

Staged at: : Gyan Manch – 11, Pretoria street, Middleton Row, Kolkata – 71

Language: : Trilingual

Duration : 90 Minutes