Nasbandi.. Typically embodying elemental political nuances celebrated and infamously discarded throughout the country. The traditionally aristocratic female figure rules and destroys and plunders yet wins the hearts of her subjects .Good versus evil in timeless sagas can never be ignored..hence the play lives up to celebrated cliches and yet negates most of them. Sayantan Banerjee plays the delirious mortal with eyes gaping and being the typical symbol of suffering. The play celebrates politics giving it imageries of a festival. A festival that consumes the vulnerable mortal and reduces him into a mere political subject/body. The launch of the play last year was lauded and praised and here we are staging it for the audience of academy of fine arts. Nasbandi a tale of little anecdotes in a village/ any village musically portraying the pathos/ moments of individuals beings hurled into various zones and philosophies which ultimately boil down to relearning one’s identity. Nasbandi typically meaning end of fertility has been used symbolically to engender a world where one struggles to attain an identity devoid of social indexes or appropriateness. A musical in full swing. Boisterous and unapologetically over the top. Nasbandi.. A tale of no two cities in particular.

== Cast ==
Saurav das, Rijita chatterjee, Sayantan Banerjee and others

== Credits ==
Lights – Sashanka Mondal
Set Design – Debabrata Maity
Choreography – Deb Kumar Pal
Sound design – Rupojjwal Majumdar & Subhadeep Sarkar
Scrip – Rijita Chatterjee
Design and Direction – Saurav Das


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Digerati Webcrafts Private Limited