About Part Time Lovers- PTL

PTL LogoWe welcome you to the world of Part Time Lovers (PTL). Our group was founded in the year 2010 with 5 members headed ably by Rijita Chatterjee, who had then completed her post graduate studies on theatre from The University of Surrey, South London England. Inspired and influenced by the kind of theatre in London, she thought of erasing the financial disparities that exist among individuals, organizations. She knew that it could only happen through proliferation of finance and theatre. And hence PTL happened. Our kind of theatre seeks to engage oneself with one’s identity. We seek to be able to merge with the audience in a broader way.

Since its initiation as a theatre group in 2010 PTL has presented a number of notable and well-appreciated plays to the society namely Beyond Freud, Lipsticks and Muscles, Grope and Grab etc. Director-Actor Rijita Chatterjee, Saurav Das and many-of-the other members of the group are prominent faces from the television industry.

In the past, Rijita Chatterjee has successfully conducted summer- carnival workshops for children on behalf of The Telegraph. Rijita Chatterjee is not only a well accomplished theatre artist but she has also done a number of films “TRAYODASHI” directed by Buddhadeb Dasgupta, “Anwar Ka Ajab Kissa ” to name a few. Our consumers are the ones who are open to the idea of sexuality and free will in society.

Director’s Note…

It has been of considerable importance to take into account the dynamics of theatre and its implications in our daily lives. By implications, I mean dealing with the reality of an art called theatre. This reality is deep seated and mellifluous when it comes to the execution of the art and with its execution, comes in the various dimensions of its proliferation : Is theatre pop-art, or is theatre food for intellectual soul? My ambitions as a director and actor of theatre is to merge the boundaries between all such dimensions and make theatre an art where by people and enthusiasts of theatre will be able to relate to what they see on stage or beyond stage. And that would only be possible by being a part of the narrative being unfurled by actors (actors being a part and product of the society whose stories they are narrating on stage).

All our plays have managed to touch the hearts of the people, reviews in papers have been fulfilling and inspiring for various other groups to take up the task of theatre as an art and a movement. Our plays celebrate identity and its attributes which make up the little anecdotes weaved by actors on stage and all our plays are musicals. Music and theatre must go hand in hand, without music theatre is just an empty vessel, hollow and grave. Hence for all this and for theatre to be full time comprehensive creed, finance has to come in for the credibility of theatre for the sake of theatre.

Our Past Plays :

Lipsticks & Muscles…



Grope & Grab…



Beyond Freud…


Lady Chatterley’s Lover Undone

Author: D. H. Lawrance
Director: Rijita Chatterjee
Synopsis : A play on the journey of womanhood. By the sole warrior the woman herself Lady Chatterley. She quite famously puts forward the greatest ideals of liberty and its infamous attributes. The play is on her journey from soul to skin, and in this journey she re-discovers the hidden meanings and connotations of womanhood and Women, widely now being known as the ‘second sex‘ a term propounded by Simon De Beauvoir. The play shall engender the all pervasive norms of gender and its fake presence of equality in a society where the protagonist of norms is the maker of manhood. The play subtly scoffs at misogyny and its contemporary issues. As our previous play grope and grab received appreciation far and wide. This play is another attempt at establishing peace within ourselves (Society).
Venue: Birla Sabhaghar – August 3rd 2013.


Rijita Chattered – Lady Chatterley
Saurav Das – Satyakam
Janardan Ghosh – Sanjoy
Pratigya Ghosh – Maid
Maruf Ali sheikh – Servant


Guitar- Diptarko Chowdhury


Bennuri Sai Kiran – Light design
Angshuman Bose – Props-in-charge & sound operator

Script and Direction by Rijita Chatterjee

Set Design by Saurav Das & Angshuman Bose



The Third Eye…



Upcoming Production : NASBANDI

15th and 16th February Part Time Lovers Theatre Production celebrates its foundation. Theatre yet again after a housefull show of Lady Chatterley’s lover staged at G.D Birla Sabgagarh on 3rd August 2013. The show was appreciated and analysed and deconstructed and questioned widely in various print medias. Was covered by several Bengali news channels. This play however being inextricably linked with the eroticism of the novel does break out of the shackles of a linear narrative and endeavours to underline the psychological and somatic paraphernalias of the victims of modernity. The play on the 16th of Feb 2014 would be NASBANDI. A play on how a novel invariably gets distorted in the process of translating it into performance. It is about how a performance is replete always and everytime with questions pertaining to gender… be it on war… peace…love…or period plays.
A staunch believer of arts… a woman too raunchy to be conforming to ideals of performance…
A background of songs of the soil…indigenous workers celebrating livelihood.
An ambiguous environment characterised by motives of the redundant haves and the marginalised have nots.
The perennial strife and symbolic blood shed to be the dramatic protagonist of a play.
The motif and body politic of the directorial realm (the county head) (the director of the play).
The disenchanted workers of a dying skill
Theatre… nation…or a novel… the struggle remains.
Nasbandi explains how.